What to do with your old shoes – DIY projects you can’t miss

Every single one of us has a pair of old shoes that just sits around and wastes space. This is why you should find some projects that could turn the old shoes in a pair of fashionable ones that you can’t wait to combine with your outfits. This article will present four different shoe makeovers that you definitely need to try. Here is the list:

Stickers and patches everywhere

Have you ever thought to add patches and stickers on your shoes? You probably did, but never tried. This is the moment to go for it and expect a great outcome. Go find stickers for occasions and patches that represent your personality and add them to your shoes. You don’t need special skills to do it – just some patience and the stickers or patches you love. You will surely be pleased with the result and your shoes are going to be brought to light again. No need to spend extra money.

Dots, dots, dots

Do you like dots? They are very easy to combine with all sorts of outfits. Dots are a common pattern than can turn anything old into something entirely modern. Plus, there’s nothing easier than creating some dots with a textile marker on your shoes. You just have to buy one of a colour of your choice and go ahead and dot the surface of your shoes. Keep in mind that some textile paints won’t last for long. Don’t worry – you can redraw the dots any time, and you can even change the pattern if you want to.

Dye is your friend

In case you don’t want to waste time with dotting, you can buy textile paint of a colour of your choice and simply dip the shoes in it. If your shoes are not textile, there are all sorts of paints that you can combine and use for a long-term result. Combine colours creatively and the result will fit all the outfits you plan to wear.

Glitter too

For a more dramatic result, choose glitter instead of dye. It might be messier and trickier, but it is surely worth the trouble. This works great with stiletto shoes that are too mainstream for your fancy outfit. Gold or silver glitter is the most appropriate for this sort of project, but you can choose other nuances as well, such as red.