Tips for choosing the right hair colour

Women dye their hair out of various reasons. While many choose to change the colour of their locks so as to be more attractive, others do it simply to make a change in their appearance. The difficulty lies in knowing what the right colour for your skin tone and eyes is. Beauty professionals from the best hair salons in Ottawa perfectly know what to do with their clients’ coiffure, but the fact is that many women come in the salon having already made up their minds on what colour they desire. Most of the times they are disappointed by the results because they do not have the necessary knowledge on how to match the colour with the skin tone.

Figuring out the type of skin tone

When it comes to skin tones, people fall into two major categories: warm and cool tones. Experts advise people to take off any impurities before attempting to determine what your natural skin tone is by checking the colour of the veins. If they are green, you are a warm tone and if they are blue, a cool shade. Determining the skin tone is a difficult process due to the fact that the colour of the skin changes during the period of the year as a result of the fact that it is affected by the presence of light and the shifting of temperatures.

What fits the skin tone?

Generally speaking, women who have olive skin can try red shades, while at the same time being careful to stay away too bold shades of red. The ideal choice would be auburn because it is close enough to red, without being too extravagant. On the other hand, women who were born with dark skin are not advised to try shades of brown or darker nuances of blond owing to the fact that they need a colour that is able to contrast with the skin tone and not be identical with it. The same goes for light skin tones who should stick to warm shades.

The colour of the eyes

Maybe more important the skin tone is the colour of the eye. For some, this is the basis of choosing hair colour. Many stylists suggest to their customers only shades that compliment or even bring out the colour of their eyes. While Brown and hazel eyes go well with darker shades such as chocolate brown, blue and green eyes permit cooler tones such as blonde. In addition to this, women with hazel eyes should definitely stay away from platinum blond and black shades. These women can choose from practically any colour they like, even red.

In conclusion, a new hair colour can be well complimented by a new coiffure as well. When choosing to make a significant change in the nuance of your locks, you should consider the fact that some extravagant colour needs regular touch-ups in order to maintain the aspect. The ideal solution is to try a more subtle nuance and see if you are happy with it for some time. Only after that it is advisable to try more radical changes. After all, the colour of your coiffure is an expression of your personality and a transformation can really change your life.