Matching bridesmaid shoes with their jewelry sets

Have you ever wondered how the top stylists and fashion experts manage to get things right all the time? Do you dream about having the secret to perfectly mixed and matched clothes, accessories and, last but not least, shoes? The truth of the matter is that making the perfect choices when it comes to combining the items we wear with the shoes and accessories we like is not such a difficult task in everyday life, because fashion has become extremely permissive and almost anything is allowed nowadays. However, there are some special events or unique occasions where a certain, more formal attire is required and mistakes are not permitted. A classic example of such an event is the wedding. A ceremony which happens once in a lifetime for many and which hold an immense emotional load, the wedding is the time when everybody gathers to feast and celebrate the new begging and future of the happy couple. And this includes their closest friends which are often invited to become bridesmaids or best men. And this is where the problems begin! Although many persons have a keen sense of style and always know what they like or dislike, the same does not apply when it comes to choosing and matching the shoes and bridesmaid jewelry sets or other accessories with one another. It’s not at all hard to figure out what all of the bridesmaids will love to wear when it comes to dresses but accessories are a totally different matter so here are a couple of helpful tips and advice on this delicate subject.

If you decide to go for a classic and elegant look, then no matter what color of the dresses you choose, the accessories have to be timelessly sophisticated. Perhaps the most clear and obvious sign of class and refinement is the pearl, a natural element which stands as a symbol for glamour. Give your bridesmaids gorgeous pearl jewelry sets and they will love you forever. Match these great looking pieces with a pair of silver shoes or skin tone stilettos and your looks are completed. There is no need to go over the top on the shoes here, because the jewels will be the center focus of the outfit and they need to be left to shine and captivate everyone present.


In case you want to go for a more flamboyant and extravagant look, then sparkle is what you need. Look online and search through the catalogues of professional bridal websites of accessories and you will discover an impressive range of rhinestone necklaces, bracelets and tiaras, which can be used as perfect details to finish the bridesmaids look. Crystal items, such as earrings and pendants, are also perfect for this sort of look. Couple them with a pair of high heel stilettos or platform shoes and make sure you either pick a very bright color or a dazzling, rhinestone pattern in order to make the look work and show cohesion in the outfit. Remember to choose the jewelry sets first and the shoes later on, because you will have a far easier time shopping in this order!