Luxurious Custom Designed Shoes for Men

All women know that you can tell a lot by a man’s shoes, and they are right. However, they also say you can change a man’s shoes if you don’t like them, but you can’t change the man who decided to wear them. So if you are a man, it is time to take control of your life and choose some great pair of shoes. According to more than one mens style magazine, the best choice for a man who cares for his appearance is a pair of custom designed shoes.

There are many made-to-order and bespoke shoes that will allow you to express your true personality. If you are not familiar with the difference between made-to-order and bespoke, continue reading this article. Made-to-order is and extreme customization, as the customer can take an existing design and select the details, color and materials he wants. Bespoke is when the customer provides specification and the item is made from scratch. Although this term is used more often when talking about men’s tailored clothing, it can be used to described custom designed shoes. Bespoke clothing and footwear require several fitting and visits to the tailor. The following custom designed shoes are on the expensive side, but if you take care of them properly, they will last a lifetime:

Croc Moccasin

According to one of the best mens style magazine, Tod’s Gommio Croc Moccasins are one of the best custom designed shoes you can choose. If you visit the Hamptons or Capri, you will not be able to walk around for an hour without seeing someone wearing the driving moc. Tod’s Gommio is not just a shoe brand, it is a lifestyle, so they are offering customers the change to customize their life. Unfortunately, the shoes only come in python or croc.

Scribe Wing-Tip

Bally Switzerland offers the made-to-measure Scribe Wing-Tip Shoe. The classic brown wing-tip version is stunning, but there are many custom designed shoes to choose from. Although it takes six to eight weeks to make and several fittings, these shoes are worth the effort. You can select your favorite buckles, skins and colors. This is one of the most popular choices in mens fashion shoes, but they cannot be worn with any occasion, and you need a certain elegance to pull them off without looking too capricious.

Johnston & Murphy Cap-Toe

Johnston & Murphy’s Cap-Toe shoe is perfect for the office and for those who wear business formal every day. The custom designed shoes made in Nashville are very comfortable and classy. You can choose from 10 styles in 3 available colors. Each pair will be customized with your name carved on the insole and on the shoe tree. For just $475, you will have the perfect pair in five to seven weeks.

Classic Lace-up Derby

Berluti’s Classic Lace-up Derby are manually cut, sewn and burnished. The brand is renowned for its bespoke shoes that are considered the ultimate in luxury. Owning such shoes is like being part of a select club that is highly exclusive and somehow secret. If you want to impress the most passionate fashionista, a Lace-up Derby is the right pair for you.