How Can The Shoes And Clothes You Wear Affect Your Mood?

Does the topic sound strange to you? Maybe you should hear us out before calling it just hogwash! Yes, the shoes and clothes you wear can affect your mood; there are scientific evidences to back this claim up.  And we will open your eyes to some of these evidences before the end of this write-up. If you are looking for holistic ways to treat depression, then you should consider choosing the right colors of clothes and shoes. 

Color red

Color red attracts attention, weather on your shoes or clothes. It is an empowering color and the power it radiates can impact your mood.  Bear in mind that the color red has a strong association with passion and romance.  If you are looking for the best mood-elevating color for a date-night, the color red is one color to consider. It does not only elevate your mood but warms up the heart of everyone that sees you.  You may not believe it, but red can equally stimulate the appetite and make you hungry enough to eat a horse!


Orange is also a unique color and draws attention to the wearer.  However, it has a more soothing effect than intense red.  Studies have shown that wearing orange shoes or clothes can put you in an energetic and positive mood all day long. The only problem is that the orange fashion idea may not be the best idea if you do not know how to pull it off.


If you want a cheery mood all day long, then yellow is one of the best colors to go for.  The color can cheer you up on a bad day and keep you glowing even in the middle of stress at work or elsewhere.  Studies have also revealed that yellow stimulates inspiration and intelligence. If you have an examination that morning, you can add a touch of yellow to your clothes or shoes to get you inspired and improve your performance.


You can stay calm and soothed all day long by adding a touch of green to your shoes or clothes.  The soothing and calm nature is consequent of the association between green and nature. Green can elevate your mood and help you to live through that overwhelming week.


If you are looking for holistic ways to treat anxiety or depression, then you should consider choosing your shoes and clothes carefully. The right colors can elevate your mood and treat depression without taking any drug or visiting a doctor.