Guide to mother of the bride dress shopping

A wedding is a special day not only for the couple, but for the families that are involved as well. Families should be present to love and to support the marriage, but it is also important that they are dressed for the occasion. Mothers of the bride should pay special attention when choosing what to wear. Not long ago, the mother of the bride was expected to wear matronly dresses and washed out shades of beige. Thankfully, this is into the case anymore and you can make fashionable choices that reflect your personality. Keep a few tips for how to choose from dresses for the mother of the bride in mind so as to make sure that you look beautiful on your daughter’s special day.

Let your daughter guide you

If you are not sure what to buy, then you should let your daughter’s cues about style, color and degree of formality guide you. Evert wedding a tone, be it formal, semi-formal or casual. Your daughter and the groom are the ones that set the tone for the wedding, so it is worth knowing if you will attend a country wedding complete with cowboy boots or a formal event. Attending an informal wedding in a formal gown would be highly inappropriate.

Color cues

As every wedding has a tone, it has a color scheme. Traditionally, the dress of the mother of the bride should complement the wedding party’s colors, but it does not have to match them. You should therefore begin shopping only after your daughter has chosen the bridesmaids’ dresses. It would be a good idea to get a swatch of the fabric since it will come in handy when looking for a harmonized hue. If your daughter chooses uniform bridesmaid dresses in favor of individual outfits, you should opt for the one or the other. For instance, if your daughter makes the bridesmaids wear cocktail dresses, you can choose something in silver or grey.

Avoid black and excessive embellishments

When choosing a gown, it is a good idea to avoid black. While this color may seem fitting for an older woman at a formal event, the truth is that it is completely out of place at a wedding. What you should do is opt for celebratory colors and stick to solids instead of patterns. The only color you should not wear is the color of the bride’s dress. Although you are allowed to wear some lace, pearl or a special embellishment, make sure that the dress does not have more embellishments than the gown of your daughter. If the gown is simple and elegant, so should yours.

In conclusion, the dress that you are going to wear on your daughter’s wedding day is an important garment. There is no reason why it should not reflect your style and the woman that is wearing it. Regarding he makeup there are no special rules, but the makeup should be reflective of the overall style of the dress. As with the bridal party, it will be necessary to get a manicure and pedicure the day before the big event and have your hair and makeup done the actual day.