3 Famous Shoe Designers You Probably Don’t Know

The world we live in is obsessed with shoes, and some of the most influential women and men have a shoe addiction. For example, Oprah Winfrey developed codes for her shoes, like one-hour shoes, two-hour shoes, three-hour shoes, etc. These codes are based on the amount of time the shoes are comfortable to wear. But what is it about shoes that drive us crazy and empties our pockets? The answer to that question depends on what each person feels when they wear a new, beautiful pair of designer footwear. Famous shoe designers like Manolo Blahnik and Ralph Lauren know what most people want. But there are other leaders in luxury shoe design who can meet the needs of the pickiest shoe-aholic who you probably haven’t heard of. If your mother likes to look fashionable all the time and you’re looking for the best fashion gifts for mothers, then take inspiration from this list.

1. Pura Lopez

Pura Lopez, born in Elche, Spain, in 1962 is one of the most famous shoe designers and the design director of the Pura Lopez brand. Lopes designs for the Spanish cinema and the Royal Family members. The brand releases two collections a year with up to 200 styles per season, so each shoe addict can find the right pair. Pura Lopez has in mind all the types of women when she designs footwear, considering height, bone structure and time of the day. She starts with a group of Runway shoes and then creates classic evergreen, chic and elegant models. After the development process, Lopez chooses only the most innovative pairs and sends them to production.

2. Patrick Cox

Patrick Cox was born in 1963, in Edmonton to a linguist father and a ballerina mother. His stylish, elegant and timeless shoes designs are some of the best fashion gifts for mothers and daughters alike. When Cox was 17 he moved to Toronto and at the age of 19 he created the first pair of shoes for Loucas Kleanthous, a Toronto-based designer. Kleanthous inspired Patrick to pursue a designer career, so he moved to London to study at Cordwainer’s Technical College, where he became friends with some famous shoe designers such as John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood. In 1984 he designed shoes for Westwood’s Clint Eastwood collection, including a pair of 6-inch platforms. The platforms were actually the prototype for the 9-inch pair supermodel Naomi Campbell wore when she fell during Vivienne Westwood’s fashion show in Paris.

3. Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo was one of the most famous shoe designers of Italian descend. Before returning to Italy to found his company, Ferragamo worked with many Hollywood stars, especially in the 20s. His creative and scientific approach to footwear resulted in many innovative features such as the cage heel and wedge heel. His company evolved into a luxury empire known all around the globe for the unique handmade shoes. Ferragamo’s original creations served as main inspiration for many other famous shoe designers of his time. Salvatore’s eldest daughter, Fiamma, came up with the elegant Vara pumps in 1978. The company is now owned by his family, including his widow Wanda.