Why promotional models should wear the right shoes

When you hire a team of promotional models to present your products and services, you want them to look sharp, attract attention and impress their audience. Many companies think of colorful uniforms, but they completely forget about the shoes or they do not take all the factors into consideration. On the one hand, depending on the product that the models will promote, you should dress them accordingly and the shoes are a big part of that outfit too. You cannot have them wearing something elegant, but allow them to wear snickers, while if you dress them in a larger outfit, sports shoes might be the way to. Shoes complete any outfit, in any situation and without them the campaign will not reach its full potential. Even though at first it may not seem possible, having your promotional models wearing the wrong type of shoe will offer clients the impression of sloppiness that will transmit over your products.

On the other hand, you should also think about how practical those shoes are. If you choose to put your promotional staff in extremely high heels, you might not obtain the same results, because they will not be able to concentrate on your products because of the permanent discomfort they will be in. You should think of an outfit where you can add relatively comfortable shoes that will still match the idea of your campaign. Many people do not even think about this when they hire a promotional marketing company, but they should always keep in mind that the uniform worn by the presentation staff is just as important as what they will say. Of course, when you hire a professional company, you will be informed about all these aspects. Promotional campaigns are designed to have a strong impact over consumers, which is why all participants need to look impeccable and express the entire idea or theme of the event. Perhaps you may want them dressed in the official colors of your company or you may want them to wear something that reflects your new product, but regardless of the case, they should wear something that stands out from the crowd and determines passers-by to stop and inquire about your product.


To conclude, everything matters when you want to have a successful experiential marketing campaign. From the outfit that the promotional models will wear, to how your products will be displayed and what they will say, each one of these aspects will influence the success of your campaign. Even though shoes might be easy to overlook, they should be chosen carefully. Shoes should blend with the existing outfit, reflect the concept of your campaign and at the same time, provide the models with enough comfort to allow them to focus on your product, rather than on the pain in their feet. Regardless of what you are trying to promote, a good pair of shoes will always be important. So the next time you want to implement an experiential marketing campaign, definitely don’t forget about the shoes.