Turning a white bag into a wedding bag

Weddings are the most important moments in the lives of women and men as well. However, organising a wedding can be a nightmare. You really need to look at each and every detail and not only does this experience make you tired, but it can also weight quite a lot on your pocket. You might notice when you have reached the half of your preparations that the little, intimate wedding you never actually expected to cost you that much, is now close to a small fortune. Weighting your each and every decision is something you must deal with. And yet, you still fantasise about that unique amazing, one of a kind wedding. You want that event that will keep the quests talking long after it has finished. So, what is there to do? Should you take up an extra job just so you can afford your dream wedding or are you interested in learning a few tricks?

Wedding bags: made by the bride


Sometimes the most interesting events are the ones, which carry a very personal touch. For this reason, the bride needs to get involved a bit and invest in a wedding ribbons UK collection and personalise those wedding bags belonging to the bridesmaids. You can find such great looking wedding ribbons out there and they come in all sorts of colours. Plus, you do not need to use exactly wedding bows. You can use all sorts of ribbons, as long as they look pretty on the bags. For the bride, you need a white bag. If you have one that would fit the event, you are free to use it. Also, add a ribbon on this one as well. However, for the bride you should always use white.


Go a bit overboard


This is your big moment so celebrate it accordingly. You can go ahead and let your imagination run wild when it comes to wedding bags. All you need are a few fabric strips. You can have them personalise and add the date of your wedding. If you have invested in the bridesmaids’ bags already, then make them remember our gift. Such personalised bags will always remind them of the beautiful event they took part in.


Ribbons again


So, you have one option including the fabulous ribbon. How about receiving another one. Interested? This one is a bit wild and some brides might not appreciate that. You need a few ribbons coming in various colours. Cover the entire surface of the bag with these ribbons. You can either sew them directly in the bag’s fabric or glue them. It is only an opinion, but sewing them directly on the bag looks better and they are not going to fall due to all the dancing involved.