Tricks to transform your old shoes in seconds

It is always difficult to part with your favorite shoes, even though they are old and worn and you cannot wear them anymore. However, things do not have to be this way. If you do not wish to give up on your shoes, instead of keeping them in the drawer torn between throwing them out and keeping them, while also unable to wear them, you should do something about their state. You can make a pair of shoes as good as new with just a few simple tricks, depending on your taste and of course the condition of the shoes you want to make reusable and beautiful again. The simplest way to transform your old shoes is by attaching a beautiful ribbon on the back of the shoes. It is easy and less costly than you can imagine, not mentioning that the effect a ribbon can have on anything and especially a pair of elegant suede shoes will be stunning.

Attaching a ribbon


It is not only easy and cheap to put a ribbon on your favorite pair of shoes, but it is also practical. You only need to visit a ribbon store and choose products that will match with your shoes. You will be able to find ribbons of all colors, sizes and patterns, because the offer is quire varied, so you should take your time choosing. You can attach your ribbon anywhere on the shoes for a dramatic effect, on the front, side or back, either with a strap or with glue. If you have a strap, you will also be able to change the ribbon and transform your shoes differently every day. Considering the fact that ribbons are more prone to wear and tear, you should purchase more ribbon than you initially need and reattach or re-glue a new one every time the situation requires it. Ribbon shoes are really popular this season, so you might want to try this trick with a pair of new shoes as well, considering the fact that you can simply take the ribbon off whenever you need.


Paint your shoes


Paint can work miracles when it comes to old pairs of shoes. It is important to choose the right type of paint and use a light hand while doing the paintwork. You can buy shoes paint from a specialized store or a local shoemaker. As long as you use high quality paint, you can even change the color of your shoes. If you do not wish to give up your only comfortable pair of shoes, painting them after they become worn is a great idea. Leather shoes are generally durable, so giving up on them because of a scratch is a pity. You can even transform an old pair that is no longer trendy into a fashionable accessory by repainting it and attaching a ribbon at the back.


Draw on them


You do not even need to have an artistic sense to draw something cute on your shoes and transform them into beautiful couture. You only need to choose a simple drawing and make use of your creativity to achieve results. For instance, you can print a pattern on a cardboard and use it to paint your shoes without any mistake.