Shoe designers introduce ribbons in their collections

Even though most people first think of clothes when hearing about fashion, shoes are just as important when you want to obtain the full effect of a beautiful outfit. To this extent, for this fashion year to come, designers have announced a new trend in their collections, something that they hope will bring back elegance and comfort at the same time: ribbons. Whether we are talking about high sandals, boots or even flip-flops, there is always room for a gorgeous ribbon to make that pair or shoes pop and look simply gorgeous. However, if you don’t want to spend your entire salary for a pair of designer shoes, you can find a printed ribbons online store in the UK and buy a variety of ribbons to accessorize all your shoes.

There are a few simple tricks that you can do to make your shoes more fashionable. For starters, shoes that have laces can easily be replaced with ribbons. In addition, you can change the ribbons depending on the outfit you are wearing, so you will always manage to have something that matches and makes you look great. For the shoes that do not have laces or not ones that can be easily replaces, you can just add some elegant bows, any color you think suits them better. This way you will manage to integrate this year’s trend and still not spend more than a few dollars on gorgeous ribbons. That’s the thing about ribbons, when purchased from a dedicated store, they can cost next to nothing and you will manage to do so many things with them.


Modern shoe designers either use printed ribbons or classic, satin ribbons for their collections. You can go either way, since you will probably find everything you need in a modern store. The trick is to choose something that makes you feel confident in yourself and gives you that touch of individuality that every woman wants to have. Your shoes will turn heads and will allow you to make a good impression every time you meet someone new. If you are still not sure that this is a good idea, you can practice with the ribbons you surely have around the house from your birthday or Christmas. Of course, if you do decide to decorate your shoes, you should make sure your ribbons do not say Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas. Try choosing something classic at first, before venturing to something bolder.


To conclude, ribbons are elegant, easy to use and will make your shoes look fantastic. This is why so many designers have incorporated them into their new collections and why ribbons are making such a big comeback this year in the fashion world. Once you start decorating your shoes, you will soon discover how much fun working with bows can be and you may even get some ideas for your clothes or hair accessories too. One thing is for sure: you will have fun and obtain beautiful things in the process.