Ribbons for your wedding shoes: be one of a kind

Surely you agree that looking your best in your wedding day is the most important goal for any bride to be. Otherwise, one would find it rather hard to explain what the fuss is all about in the big day or why brides spend exorbitant sums of money for a dress they will wear a single time or a pair of shoes that are not even particularly comfortable. Indeed, women make such sacrifices, because it is their greatest desire to look impeccable throughout their wedding day. Brides want to look good so that their guests and their groom will look at them, admire them and be surprised with their appearance. Still, what happens if you do not have the necessary budget for such a wedding? What if you don’t have the financial resources to buy a $ 400 pair of wedding shoes? Should this mean that you have to give on the wish of looking your best?

It simply means that you have the opportunity to be original. Having an original, out of the ordinary wedding dress is a risk , a risk you might not be willing to take. You just cannot decorate a dress of this kind by yourself, as it might turn out to be more expensive than you initially thought. However, the pair of shoes is an entirely different matter. This is the one place you can really show your fashion creativity. When you hear one of your favorite songs and will pick up the dress to dance, your guests will be impressed by the pair of shoes you will be wearing. So, if you are wondering how you can have a unique pair of wedding shoes, then simply follow some of the pieces of advice listed below. First of all, know that you can be original, one of a kind, without overspending. Secondly, what you have to focus upon is finding a simple looking pair of shoes. The pair doesn’t have to be expensive, all that is required is for the pair to be white, bearing no pattern and with a feminine design. The next step is actual decoration of each shoe. You might be wondering what could be used in this process. There are quite a few options you could consider.


You can make bow from veil, which you can apply on the shoe. Even better, if you have a bit of experience, you could hand-paint the pair of shoes. Of course, this process requires some talent and patience. So, unless you have real painting skills, you might want to consider other procedures. If you are interested in another idea, how about wedding ribbons? Of course, not the same ribbons and bows you have already used on the tables. You can simply purchase some satin ribbons and you can even choose ravishing colors like red or pink. Once you have bought them, you can easily apply them on the shoe. You can place them on the tip of the shoe or at the back. Either way, your wedding shoes will look spectacular and one of a kind. You might even consider wearing them at other events, as this will not be a typical pair of wedding shoes.