Online promotional campaigns for shoes

With the advent of the Internet and the emergence of the e-market, shoes have become a big business online. In fact, every year more men and women are starting to purchase their shoes online rather than from traditional stores, showing an even greater inclination towards researching shoes over the Internet. In other words, even though they end up making an in-store purchase, the first thing someone does when they wish to buy themselves a pair of shoes is to check out the online offers. Researching their options and alternatives via the Internet has become the normal thing to do, because access to any type of information is made easy, not to mention that this information is usually quite useful. This explains why many shoes brands have started to use social media as means to increase their online presence and consequently their revenue. Marketing strategies include hiring reliable promotional staff that can create an event with the potential of going viral. While the average man or woman spends at least an hour a day in front of their computers browsing the web, online promotional campaigns are becoming very successful. Studies show that women are in general comfortable with the idea of buying their shoes online.

While discovering, researching and purchasing shoes from the comfort of one’s house has become possible, many people react better to online advertisement than any other type of ads. Those shoes sellers that saw and took advantage of this opportunity first and offered customers the option to order their products online have managed to gain success rapidly. The same applies for promotional staff that has first started to use social media to make their promotional campaigns a success. Over the years, many shoe brands have gained a great increase in sales with the help of ingenious campaigns promoted through social media channels. Without the push social media offers, most modern campaigns could easily fall apart. However, the fact that users feel inclined to post on their walls about a promotional event or like the page of a shoe brand after being impressed with what they achieved shows how much marketing has changed.


Shoe marketing is not a walk in the park, especially when it comes to convincing the customers that your campaign deserves to be shared from some reason or another. A video or commercial that goes viral can increase the sales for a pair of shoes easily with forty or fifty percent. When you can millions of visualizations at a commercial for running shoes, you are bound to make top sales. The difficult part about this type of promotion is the fact that you cannot predict the reaction of the public to your campaign. The things that have become viral over the Internet are so random, that predicting the next big thing is quite difficult. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it, but it is not. This is why the focus of modern promotional campaigns are mainly on ingenious, sometimes witty advertisements that also involves the audience to some degree.