How to rock a pair of wide leg pants


If you are a fashion enthusiast, and are trying to always keep up with fashion trends, then you probably already know that wide leg pants are in at the moment. This is the reason why so many online stores, such as, have included them in their offers, in a wide range of patterns and colors, being easy to find a pair for any taste. However, because it is a rather unconventional style to adopt, you may have difficulties in putting together outfits that work with these kind of trousers. Here are a few ideas on how to rock wide leg pants that may come in handy:

Leather accents

When it comes to wide leg pants, accessorizing them with some leather accents is the ideal choice. You can create a casual, yet cool look by adding a biker jacket and a pair of boots, and only a basic white t-shirt. This combination works for almost any style of wide leg pants, either denim, polyester or chiffon ones. Add a leather chocker, and your outfit will be to die for. However, if you want your outfit to have a more sophisticated and glamorous touch to it, you can replace the boots and choose a pair of stilettos instead. Although it may seem like an unconventional choice to make, combining a leather jacket with this footwear style, you should give the idea a try, and you will certainly love the result.

Glammed up look

Who says you need to wear a dress to be glamorous? Well, when choosing the right combo, pants can also be a chic and sophisticated option for a special occasion or a Saturday night out with friends. A pair of black wide leg pants, preferably chiffon ones can be the starting point of a glammed up look. Wear them with a sleeveless top – black would be the safer choice to make, and oversized necklace, or earrings (one of the two) and a pair of red stilettos. Add a clutch with shiny insertions, and your look will certainly get all the attention at the event you will be attending. Make bold choices, and it will be easy to stand out and become a fashion inspiration.

Low-key casual outfit

To create more low-key outfits, for a daily look, wear your pair of black wide leg pants with some white sneakers. Put on a basic white t-shirt, and an oversized denim jacket, or a leather vest. Wear your favorite cap, or tie your hair up in a messy bun, and your look will be fashionable, and casual at the same time.

For a perfect stylish appearance it all comes down to how you choose wear your clothes. You have to learn how to combine a chic element with basic clothing items, and wear your outfits with personality. Because wide- leg pants have been in the spotlight lately, consider the tips mentioned above, and you will easily manage to rock the item, regardless when and where you decide to wear it.