How to match shoes with dresses

Shopping for shoes and shopping for dresses can be fun, but if you’re trying to match one with the other, things can become a bit complicated. There are a lot of rules to follow and just about any women fears going to an event and being met with disapproving looks and “Those shoes with that dress???” remarks. But don’t worry, by learning the basics of show-dress matching, you won’t have any bad days and you’ll be able to get ready in a couple of minutes.

Lesson #1 – Invest in neutral shoes

The key to matching shoes and dresses is to invest in a few pairs of basic, neutral shoes that go with everything. This way, whether you buy a plain little black dress or a colorful Vivetta dress, you’ll know that you have something at home to go with it and you won’t have to go shoe shopping afterwards. The most important investment is a pair of black high heel pumps, which go well both with office and elegant dresses. The next one is a pair of nude pumps; these are extremely versatile, you can wear them with daytime and nighttime outfits and they are less harsh than white shoes.  Since these two will be your most worn pairs of shoes, make sure you spend more on them and buy something high quality that lasts for years.

Lesson #2 – Don’t wear the same color from head to toe

If you’re wearing a one-color dress, don’t wear shoes of the same color. Matching green shoes with a green dress might sound safe, but the result will be bland and boring and you’ll look like you’re wearing a uniform. Instead, wear a contrasting color to make your outfit more interesting. For example, yellow shoes go well with a cobalt dress, while brown goes well with orange. Not sure what goes with what? Look at a color wheel to discover complementary shades!

Lesson #3 – Best shoes for printed dresses

Patterned dresses can make you turn heads, so, if you’re wearing one, you have to choose a pair of shoes that complement it without drawing attention to themselves. The dress has to stay the main focus, so the shoes have to be subtler. You have two options: either choose a neutral color such as black, beige or white, or better yet, choose the predominant color from the dress pattern.

Lesson #4 – Patterned shoes go with plain dresses

Wearing a plain-colored dress doesn’t have to be boring. If you’re going for the wow factor and want to stand out in a simple, blue dress, you can spice up the outfit by wearing patterned shoes. If the design is bold enough, you don’t even have to put on accessories such belts or statement jewelry. Some of the best examples are animal print (leopard and zebra), polka dots, floral prints and geometric prints. For the same effect, you can also wear metallic shoes (especially rose gold), which have a unique edginess to them, but at the same time are very elegant.