How to be different with the help of fashion

In nowadays society it is really hard to keep a unique style. Fashion tends to be the same for everyone and being in trend with whatever is modern these days means dressing the same as the others. If you are an exception to the rule and you want to be different, you can do that by simply personalising your clothes. Buying a cute polka dot ribbon and applying it to a T-shirt or some jeans will completely change the style of your items. You only need a little bit of imagination and a clear idea of how you’d like to look. Here are some few tips that will get your wardrobe as unique as possible:

A personal brand and tailoring

Making people instantly know it’s you only by the way you are combining clothes is a big deal. This means building a unique, personal brand. Having a certain type of item you wear in a special manner can bring that touch you strive to achieve. Try putting together pieces of clothing that say a lot about your personality and manage to remain consistent. DIY clothing can also help you get noticed. If you are not good at sewing, purchase the necessary items and consult a tailor. The services a tailor provides can result in the most individualised pieces of clothing you can think of.

Your mother’s closet

A great source of inspiration and rare clothing items would be your mother or grandmother closet. You’ll find there fashionable pieces that you won’t see on somebody else. You’ll be asked by people around you where you bought what you are wearing and they won’t be able to copy your style exactly because they don’t do that kind of clothing anymore. It is a great alternative and besides that – it’s completely free. You won’t have your mother charge you for borrowing her clothes.  

Signature colours

Choosing a colour palette that you will always use means it will become your own signature when it comes to fashion. Try thinking about what goes with each and every season and make sure the colours you select complete each other. Dressing mono is quite tricky because you don’t have a lot of options and your wardrobe will become dull. That’s why you should remain playful. Colours are a great part of building a specific style so make good use of them.

Being yourself

You don’t need to try following the latest trends. If the clothing you are buying or borrowing is last seasons’ central attention, do not take into account the opinion of fashion critics. If it suits you or you like the way they fit on you, it is just right. All you need is being yourself and represent the way you act and think with the help of clothing items. Yes, it might be difficult to decide what you like and confidently wear exactly what you want but once you’ll get positive opinions you’ll start liking it.