Fashion guide: how to wear animal prints?

It is commonly known that some trends can stay in even for years and one good example in this case is the animal print clothes that are also called “leopard prints”. Whether it is summer or winter, you can easily wear animal print clothes, because they never go out of fashion. This type of clothes can be found on various girl’s online fashion websites and stores, so all you have to do is some quick research on the Internet. Below are some useful tips that might come in handy in order to help you combine the outfit pieces in the right way, regardless of the season.

The secret with animal prints

The ultimate secret as far as animal prints are concerned is to know how to dose them. It is recommended to choose only one animal print article to wear at a time and to match it with other monochromatic accessories and clothes. You can find some good examples if you search the Internet for fashion blogs and take into account fashion critics’ advice on how to look stylish wearing this type of clothes. It is important not to exaggerate and wear more than one animal print piece of outfit, because this will not make you look so good.

Styling tips

If you own a leopard print bag or shoes for instance, you can choose a classic little black dress to wear, because the two pieces will mingle perfectly. A leopard print blazer or coat can be easily matched with a black dress too, especially if you are going to a formal event or even to a cocktail party. For the day, you can wear that blazer with a pair of jeans. Probably the most common animal print piece of outfit is the scarf. This is also the easiest to combine with other clothes, so you can choose some green trench coat and a pair of brown booties for instance. The second after scarves are animal print shoes. These are also easy to wear and do not attract too much attention, especially if you combine them with the right clothes and accessories. Whether they are high heels, booties, or some ballet slipper flats, you can accessorise them with plain colour clothes for any type of events.

Keep this in mind

As it was previously said, it is recommended to opt only for one animal print piece at a time. The other pieces of outfit should have neutral colours and should not make you look too kitschy. It is important to purchase clothes of high quality, especially when it comes to these leopard print clothes. Moreover, it is also important not to overpower the animal print piece with too many accessories. If the pieces of clothing have a low quality, then this can be easily visible to others and will not make you look stylish. For this reason, you should choose professional online clothing stores.

To conclude, these are only a few tips that you should bear in mind the moment you want to wear animal print clothes.