Expanding your shoe business abroad- Here’s what to consider

Your shoe business is making women in your area happy. But why not help women across the world enjoy your high-quality high-heels, ankle booties, sandals, and more? When you want to expand your shoe business abroad, here’s what you need to consider. 

Leaving aside the everyday challenges of running any type of business, owning a shoe business is really fun, especially if you have many customers like Carrie Bradshaw. The fashion industry, especially the shoe area, is a really friendly one because you’re basically selling a form of happiness to your customers. 

Now, when business is going great, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go global and expand your services to other countries as well. Yet, if you choose to do so, there are a few essential aspects you need to consider: 

Understand the new market

The first and probably most important thing you need to consider is that the new market you’re about to enter is likely very different from the one you’re already selling on. 

More precisely, you’ll be selling to different customers, you’ll have various industry rivals, and there might be other trends going on in this new market. You need to know all these differences so that you adapt your marketing strategy and business practices to this new audience. 

Learn as much as possible about your target audience and competitors in the location you’re expanding to. 

Establish an abroad team

If you don’t want to move your shoe business abroad, but just to expand it, you’ll likely not be able to travel to this new location to run your business. So, you need to have a team there that you can trust to ensure that your business runs correctly. 

So, build a local team there. Hire the right people for all key positions in your business there, from managers to customer support and shop assistants. 


Take advantage of technology

When expanding your business abroad, you need to do thoughtful fraktanalys to figure out how you’ll ship all your products. 

It’s best to use a mjukvara för tull personalized with relevant features for your business. This will help you have efficient freight Invoice management for all the products you’ll ship abroad. 

Besides that, use technology to stay connected and communicate continuously with your team from your new business location.

Tailor your marketing strategy

Like we said before when you join a new market in a different location, you should expect a target audience that reacts to different marketing strategies. 

Maybe your current audience spends time on a certain social media network. So, you know where to reach it and attract it to your shoe store. Yet, it can happen that the same social media network to not be as relevant to your new target audience as it is in your location. 

The point is that you should conduct market research to understand where and how to attract customers from the new market. 

Update your customer support

Unless you are expanding from an English-speaking country to another one, you’ll need to do some updates to your customer support. Primarily language-related. Hire people that speak the local language to be able to understand and effectively help your new customers.