Decorate your shoes with colourful ribbons

All women want to wear new shoes and that is a fact. However, new shoes have their price and as much as women would love to be able to buy a new pair every time they feel like it, the sad truth is that often times they need to spend their money on something else. There is an easier solution to style up shoes and offer them a fresh new look: ribbons. Everyone has around the house various birthday ribbons that they no longer use. But rather than throwing them away, why not use them to decorate your shoes and make them look more interesting. The good news is that bows can be used for almost any type of shoe, provided that you have a little time and imagination.

For instance, you could add some ribbons to your ankle boots and match them to each outfit you are wearing. Your boots may be black, but you could add some ivory ribbons or perhaps even red or green ones, depending on what you are wearing that day. Simply make a bow and attach it to the boots. Usually all boots have a space for shoe laces, but if yours do not, you can always tie the bow to the zipper and you will surely obtain a nice effect. Low shoes can also be decorated with these delicate accessories. If you have an older pair of shoes, you can always glue the ribbon on their front and they will look brand new. You can either use your birthday ribbons or you can buy something else, since there are countless colours and designs available in specialised stores.


Another good idea of how to use ribbons to personalise shoes is to use them to replace the shoelaces of various pairs of shoes. You can even add ribbons to your snickers and make them look funkier. If they are black or white, you could add any colour, but if they are a different colour, you should probably choose something that matches it and will look just right. Regardless of what shoes you might want to style up with ribbons, you will surely find an idea if you put your imagination to the test. So start using those birthday ribbons that you have around the house and the ideas will come to you in no time.


To conclude, when it comes to decorating shoes, with a few ribbons in your hands you will surely obtain a wonderful effect. So gather everything you have around the house and start your little project. It will be fun and by the end of everything you will have new shoes that you will wear with pride, knowing that you have helped to make them more interesting. The great thing about accessories is that there is always something that you can add to make them look better and obtain various combinations. Even though most people think that ribbons can only be used for gifts, they have so many uses that you should definitely out your imagination to the test and make something nice of them.