Cool Shoe Designs from Best Graphic Artists

Custom shoes are a new phenomenon which has taken over the global sneakerhead community over the last decade. Fashionistas and collectors love hand-painted or drawn footwear with unique designs. Designers, graphic artists and illustrators use the sneakers as their canvas, responding to the limitations of the shapes and coming up with innovative ideas. Each artist uses an individual style to produce cool shoe designs, and some even create personalized footwear according to customer specifications. These are some great examples of awesome shoe designs which can inspire you to create your own:

Adidas Stan Smith Finger Massacre

The Adidas Stan Smith tennis shoe is a sneaker inspired by the American tennis player Stan Smith. Adidas approached Smith in 1971 to endorse the Haillet shoe. Today, the Stan Smith is no longer used for tennis, but as a simple sneaker. The shoe usually has a clean design, with white laces and a white leather upper. However, for this model, Adidas called Look Down, Swedish custom shoe specialists known for their cool shoe designs. The black and white finger drawing was applied to a pair of white Adidas Stan Smiths in a way that makes it hard to tell that it’s a handmade customization.

Nike’s Custom Chi-Haze Dunk Lows

Nike brought us a pair of custom Dunk Lows straight from A.Okay Official in Chicago, St!zo’s lab. St!zo is a custom kick artist, t-shirt designer and DJ internationally famous for his artwork. His cool shoe designs never seize to amaze us. The shoes display a hazed out image of the Chicago skyline with a black and white base and some grey hints.

Adidas Royal Flush 2 – World Series of Poker Edition

Adidas Royal Flush 2 – World Series of Poker Edition are created by Sole Brothers Custom Sneakers. The store creates unique personalized shoes by painting them according to each customer’s specification. The Adidas Royal Flush 2 are designed for a card player who competes in Las Vegas at the World Series of Poker and feature a royal flush in all four card suits with a black and red color scheme.

DreamScape Dunk Highs

Diversitile Custom Clothing was founded in 2007 by Chris Campbell, 24, and John Terramoccia, 25. Chris graduated with B.A. Animation degree and John has a Graphic Design and Studio B.F.A Art degree. They started designing for a friend who owned a clothing store and wanted to give customers something different. After the owner contracted Chris to paint shoes, he gathered a group of artists and started a shoe painting business specialized in custom high heels, t-shirts and Nike Dunks. They presented the DreamScape Dunk Highs with a colorful, psychedelic design that is a simple but crazy representation of one of the artist’s dreams.