Can high heels make you look more attractive?


If you are thinking about abandoning your high heels after a painful season, then you may want to reconsider your decision. Even though high heels cause you blisters and bunions, they will make you look more attractive, or at least this is what scientist are telling us. High heels not only make you appear taller than you are, but they also engage your muscles and thus make your calves smaller. If you have worn high heels for a long period of time, then you may have reaped these benefits without even knowing. A pair of fly London shoes will definitely boost your self-confidence and the good news is that you can choose from different styles, like pumps and stilettos.

High heels elongate your figure

What happens when you wear stilettos is that the entire posture of your body changes. To be more precise, heels rotate your hips and encourage you to keep your back and shoulders straight. The result is that you will look proportionally thinner, meaning that your clothes will look better on you. So, pair your skirts and dresses with a pair of stilettos when you are going on a date. A pair of high heels will instantly make you more statuesque.

You will look sexier

Many scientists have concluded that women who wear high heels are a lot more attractive that those who do not. Why do you think men rate women in heals more attractive? Well, because women walk more like women are supposed to, meaning more feminine. Women are not only perceived as being taller, but also as being more gracious. Another explanation is that walking in high heels actually tends to exaggerate some sex-specific elements, reason why men are drawn to women in stilettos.

High heels accentuate your legs

The vast majority of women wear stilettos to add height, which means that they want their legs to appear longer. But what happens if you have long legs to begin with? Even if you are tall, you still can wear heals because they will accentuate what you already have. Instead of fearing that others will disapprove your choice, you should wear stilettos like it is the most natural thing to do. Just take a look at models; they wear high heels on a regular basis and are not considered to be too tall. So, if you want to rank on the dating list, don’t care what others may think.