Be unique – tips to customise your shoes

If there is something that women hate the most that is having an ordinary pair of shoes. Take a look in your closet? Don’t you think that your shoes need an update? You do not have to spend more money in purchasing a new pair of shoes every time you get bored of the ones you have at home, you only have to customise the old ones. And there are plenty of ideas you can inspire from. You can turn your old pair of sneakers into punk princess shoes with UK grosgrain ribbons for sale. Old shoes are the perfect canvas for every creative idea that goes through your mind. Shoes feature an excellent surface onto which can be applied glitter, or other decorations, so you should consider what your daily style is, and according to it, give your shoes an update.

Paint a pair of shoes

If you want to give your old shoes a new look, then the best way to do this is to change their colour. You can completely transform a pair of sneakers, for example, if you purchase from the local store a can with spray tint. Choose the colour you like the most, and make sure to cover the soles and other areas you want to leave uncoloured with tape. When you finished spraying, you can further customise the shoes with ribbon bows, or you can replace the bootlace with ribbon in a contrasting colour with the one of the shoe.

Make a statement pair of shoes

If you need to make a pair of heels the star of your outfit, then you can bedazzle them with gemstones. You only have to buy from the local market some crystals, and to glue them on your shoes. You have the option to place the sparkly gems only on the heels of your shoes, but if you want to take the model to the next level, then you can cover the entire shoe with them.

Customise a pair of sport shoes

Sports shoes are the perfect match for almost every type of outfit these days. Women wear them even for elegant dresses. Therefore, you can spray glitter on the sides of the sneakers to make them more glamorous, and you can replace the bootlaces with gold or silver ribbon. Their look will change instantly, and you will be able to wear them even when you need to accessorise a tulle skirt, for example.