Altered shoes – use ribbons to create fabulous shoes

There is this misconception that ribbons can be used either as something to beautifully wrap presents or to create some interesting hair accessories out of them. But what would you say if you to using ribbons to redesign some of your clothes or, why not, your shoes? If this idea sounds really interesting to you, then you should start looking for UK grosgrain ribbons for sale right away. Here are some very good examples of ideas for such a project you should keep in mind.

Lace up ribbon high heels

One very interesting shoe redesign project implies high heels. If you have a pair of heels you have not worn in a very long time because you have already included them in your outfit at too many events you went to, but you still do not want to throw them away, well, why not try to redesign them a bit? Take some ribbon that comes in the same colour as your shoes (this should be easy, especially if your heels are one colour only), some hot glue gun and engage in this DIY project. Glue the ribbon carefully onto the inner side of the shoes and you have gotten yourself a new pair of lace up ribbon high heels, ready to be worn at numerous other new events. No one will ever notice it is the same pair of heels!

Grosgrain ribbon to decorate your shoes

Another great idea that you can redesign your favourite pair of high heels is to use some grosgrain ribbon and to glue it directly onto the surface of the heels. To create a unique effect, make sure you choose grosgrain ribbons with interesting patterns and designs. Once you have glued the ribbons, let it dry completely and you can start wear them immediately. This will not affect the size of the shoe in any way, so you do not have to worry about this at all. Keep in mind that you can use this technique on other types of shoes as well, such as trainers, moccasins, flats and so on. All you have to do for this kind of project is to let your imagination run wildly and make sure you have some ribbons with interesting patterns.

As you can see, these are some pretty good ideas that can turn your worn-out or boring shoes into some fabulous ones. Do not be afraid to try new things!